Mastermind Conte!!!

Until last September, 3 at the back were perceived as some form of a suicide for any manager taking charge of a club in England. 6 months later, you see teams left, right and center playing a back 3 on a regular basis. This is some next level revolution from Conte, the “Godfather”.

The football has been a joy to watch, while the dominance has been quite incredible. Conte somehow feels like a mix of Ancelloti and Mourinho. He has Carlo’s positive attitude, entertaining football, man-management skills. Meanwhile, he also possesses Mourinho’s winning at all cost attitude, competitive streak, and the love for defence. Conte loves attractive football and relishes good defending. What did we ever do to deserve this man?! He is EVERYTHING I had ever wanted in a Chelsea manager. Now I just hope the board backs him better than they’ve ever backed any other manager, because all he needs is the ingredients - his cooking skills is the best I’ve seen at Chelsea. The guy is the best pure ‘coach’ I’ve ever seen at the Bridge.Conte has turned the players into the right ones. Look no further than Victor Moses, Marcos Alonso and the transformation of Luiz’s discipline! World-class coaching. Pure and simple.

Meanwhile, Fabregas joins Chelsea after failing to win the PL in 8 years at Arsenal - wins 2nd title in 3 years. Alonso joins Chelsea - wins the first major honour of his career. Luiz returns after winning CL, Europa and FA Cup in his first stint - wins the Premier League in his first season back. Chelsea FC is synonymous to winners. We have always been winning stuffs, but Conte is the guy who incarnates what Chelsea have been this season. Ruthless winners playing beautiful football, while never sacrificing the love for defending. The balance has never been greater in all our title wins.The team and the club as a whole have been a reflection of who he is as a man. Conte’s leading mentality can’t be witnessed more than when he said this has been a great season winning the title, but it can only be a fantastic one if we win the FA Cup. Absolutely love him. Forza Conte! Forza Chelsea!

Written on May 10, 2017