Underdog Arsenal!!!

Arsenal started FA Cup final with the unusual tag of underdogs despite contesting their 3rd cup final in the last four seasons. Uncertainty over manager Wenger’s future and a disappointing league campaign that concluded with failure to qualify for the Champions League meant that there was unrest in the stands and discontent in the squad. Chelsea, in contrast, were brimming with a confidence that comes with winning the Premier League title. The starting eleven was settled and at full strength with a proven 3-4-3 formation, Defeating Manchester United and Tottenham on route to Wembley underlined their FA Cup ambitions.

What I thought the game would be was exactly turned opposite. Arsenal’s trademark passing game was in evidence but in addition, they displayed passion, commitment and a team spirit that had been missing for much of the season. Chelsea looked like they had been overdoing the Premier League celebrations. (Pain to watch )

Arsenal took the lead in 5th minute with Sanchez goal. The goal was unusual in many ways. Firstly it involved the rare sight of Kante giving away possession just outside the Chelsea box. Sanchez with the ball at his feet attacked the Chelsea back line when a clearance appeared to hit his hands leaving him clear in the box. The ball meanwhile had broken to Aaron Ramsey who was in a clear offside position but it was Sanchez that finished with a low shot into the corner. Time stood still as Referee Anthony Taylor talked to his assistant before awarding a goal and the delayed celebrations began.

Chelsea could play no worse and a reaction was expected in the second half. This was the Champions after-all. Chelsea began to play with urgency. But still ,I see Cahil vs Arsenal.

In the 68th minute, Arsenal were given a huge boost when wing back Victor Moses was booked for simulation in the penalty area. Replays seem to confirm the referee’s decision. The yellow was Moses second and he was off. (Why did he dive? :( ) In the 76th minute the 10 men were level as Costa brought the ball down in the box and shot into the bottom left corner. Arsenal were rocked Chelsea rejuvenated. (Only a minute a feeling that we were in game .)Arsenal’s response, however, was instant. Three minutes later they were ahead again. Ramsey arrived late in the box to despatch a free header from the 6-yard box.

It was almost over but still part of me was wishing for a magic. The every moment Arsenal counter attack I felt like I could have heartattack, my fingers all crossed and heartbeat beating faster than ever. It hurts to say but we were not playing football at all,Players as well as fans were overconfident( I was ),we could have win the double, but it was written for Arsenal. Arsenal were inspired. Arsenal were unrecognizable.

With the win ,Wenger became the tournament’s most successful manager with seven wins, while Arsenal with their 13th win had now won the cup more than any other team.

Congratulation Arsenal and all the Arsenal fan’s on winning FA Cup !!!

Written on May 30, 2017