When it all started!!!

“If there was a girl and she felt put down for wanting to play football, I would say don’t let anyone put you down, grab your boots, grab your shin pads, grab your ball, football doesn’t have a gender.”

Lets play football - someone from youtube channel

I started watching football when I was at class 7. I rarely heard about premierleagues and teams. The boys in my class used to talk about how some team defeated some team, and players amazing goal. One day I was just going through TV and caught the match of Manchester United VS Chelsea. I was not aware of the players and teams and kept watching till the end with the amazing performance by Chelsea beating Manchester 3-0 at Stamford Bridge and got to know that they won English Premier League. So I got general idea that many teams play with each other to win one of the glorifying league Barclays Premier League. Till then I only knew two clubs Chelsea and Manchester United ,and is obvious that I was highly influenced by Chelsea. But one of lame reason I used to though was ,I belonged to blue house during school days and Chelsea was all about “The Blues”, and I thought it was relatable (I know it is the lamest reason hahahha )

But it was just the beginning, I used to kind a show off to boys saying how I was fan of Chelsea and how they beat Manchester.But when they ask about who scored, who was the manager I used to get red. I was not even called plastic fan but a random girl who just talked about glorifying team without knowing anything ( hahhaha ). Since I was embarassed because of my own stupidity, I undergrounded myself regarding football ( which you can say I was researching about football hehhee). I used to watch football very rarely, slowly I was getting things regarding football by asking to brothers, some friends who would not make fun of me,and from matches. To be honest I used to watch match only when Chelsea won, it was final of FA cup between Everton and Chelsea where Chelsea won by 2-1. I watched highlights, and first time ever I was so amazed to watch Frank Lampard winning goal( because I usually didn’t watch football giving so much concentration). Then onwards I used to watch full match whether win or loose, just to see Frank Lampard outstanding display. You can now easily guess that the time when girls had crushes on different boys of our classes, I was secretly dreaming about Super Frankie (hahha unimaginable ). Moreover I liked Chelsea because of Lampard, but after watching many matches, I can proudly say that Chelsea is one the finest club in premier league.

It was all about how I started watching football, about playing I dont know how to play but have huge interest in playing. I have played several futsal matches and still counting. But the problem is many girls do not play football so I get left with couple of friends. We try hard to convince other girls to play, but still zero progress. So rather than waiting for other girls I decided to watch futsal of boys, and getting minute time from them, learning how to play football from level zero.And it was such great gesture from boys to let me play. Even just letting me to kick the ball once(there were more than 10 haha) , showed how much they encouraged girls to play football.

And I will like to thank all the people, who supported and motivated me to play. I am glad that I can gain football knowledge by sharing, debating, betting and sometimes humiliating (huhaha) to the people who loves football.

Arigatoo !!!

Written on April 30, 2017